Creating a Small Scale Explosion Effect With Maya nParticles and Fluids

A new tutorial from Mike Haas (Happy Wasteland Studios) who walks through creating a small scale explosion like one that could be created by a mortar round. This tutorial is a pretty good overview if you wanted to get started using Maya’s dynamics systems.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use nparticles to fuel fluids in order to create a mortar explosion. But that’s not all. Once you learn this technique you’ll be able to apply this to all sorts of dynamics goodnessMike Hass –

Using Maya’s nParticles to create the basic motion of the effects, Mike then uses the particles to drive a 3D Fluid Container. There are some pretty good tips along the way here. Also, as Mike mentions in the tutorial, once you understand how to set up Maya nParticles and Fluids, you are able to expand the premise to create many more effects of your own.

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