Maya 2015 Features Overview


Autodesk showed off its new product offerings for Maya, Mudbox, 3DS Max, Softimage and everything else really, including MotionBuilder and all of its game middleware. They have also posted some feature highlight that are slated in the Maya 2015 release. There are some pretty big new features in Maya 2015, new tech like Bifrost, the integration of Naiad’s photorealistic liquid simulation technology. Bifrost is fully integrated in Maya 2015, allowing you to preview simulations interactively right in the Maya Viewport.

Maya 2015 OpenSubdiv Integration

Maya now uses the Pixar open source OpenSubdiv libraries, making it possible to preview animations that are subdivided right in the viewport thanks to OpenSubdiv’s GPU acceleration of subdivision surfaces.


ShaderFX offers a new editor in Maya 2015, that will let you create advanced HLSL, GLSL, and CgFX viewport shaders by stringing nodes together. No need to continually code.


Modeling Enhancements

Maya 2015 has some great new modeling improvements, from better integration of the modeling toolkit to new UV tools.


Bullet Physics

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