A Quick Primer for Using Python in Cinema 4D

3D, Visual Effects and Filmmaker, James Coppens posts a really quick look at using python in Cinema 4D to automate and script some workflow tasks. While James was creating an animation of a character riding a quadruped, he relied on python to script some of the processes in order to complete that animation.

After some interesting communications with the Design community, I’ve decided that before I release the 2nd part of my series on utilizing Python to assist in animating a biped rider on a quadruped, I should first post something of a primer to prepare users for the level of intricacy associated with codingJames Coppens – JimmyCoppens.com

James shows how to recognize an opportunity to use python in Cinema 4D and how to go about building the script to automate parts of your workflow. James doesn’t go into a lot of Python in this tutorial, but he does provide some resources for all of that. James has also shared some of his python scripts for cinema 4d over in GitHub.

Check out the Quick Tip Primer for Using Python in Cinema 4D over a JimmyCoppens.com here.