Use The Matrix Object In C4D to Sculpt Dynamically with Particles

Günter Nikotin shares a technique that will allow you to deform and sculpt particles in Cinema 4D dynamically in real time. This is easily done by using the Matrix Object, Günter shows how you can also affect the particles with the standard Mograph Effectors and then apply dynamics as well.

Here I want to show you how particle deforming/sculpting is possible using the matrix objectGünter Nikotin

The tutorial doesn’t have audio but Günter posts the process:

  • Create a standard emitter
  • the emitter is linked to a matrix object, which gives us matrices exactly where the particles are
  • a cloner generates clones (spheres in this case) and is linked to the matrix object, thus the cloned spheres are where the matrices are
  • the matrices can now be affected via various deformers, in this case a twist and a camera deformer for particle sculpting, by simply making the deformers children of the matrix object.
  • mograph effectors (a random effector here changing the size) can be applied
  • dynamics can be applied, and using the “follow position” parameter in the dynamics tag all clones try to follow their initial position while staying dynamic and still collide with other dynamic objects (the torus in my example)