Mikey Borup shares a quick tip for creating a cinematic crop effect in After Effects. Ae has no tool for cropping your shots, that is to day with any degree of accuracy. It is difficult to get the black bars top and bottom with any type of numerical accuracy by using a mask or any other effect.

There is not an obvious way to do a crop in After Effects if you want to create the super widescreen cinema lookMikey Borup

Mikey suggest using the Motion Tile effect in After Effects to create a cinematic crop. The Motion Tile effect will allow you to numerically enter how much crop you want top to bottom. As an added bonus, the effect also has the ability to “pan and scan” by using the tile center attribute you are able to move the image within the crop.

What are some of your favorite ways for creating an accurate crop in After Effects?


  1. Cam

    Wrong video?

  2. Mikey

    Now i’m curious what video was posted at first?

  3. mariano

    I create a mask in Photoshop which can be done pixel perfect there and just use it as a layer. But this tip is very useful, too!

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