Small details like wear-and-tear and imperfections can ad so much more tangibility to your work. But not everyone has V-Ray, or third party tools to add damage and wear-and-tear to their renderings. The good news is, that with a little bit of work, you can easily create a damage shader in Cinema 4D, using nothing but the readily available tools C4D offers.

how to create a versatile shader using Cinema 4D’s built in toolsBen Watts –

More to Learn on creating a Damage Shader and Worn out Materials in Cinema 4D

Previously, we had the opportunity to learn from Dan Conrad who showed how to create a rusted and worn out truck in Cinema 4D. The tutorial largely covered quite a bit of shader work, and will provide some practical foundation for the techniques Ben is showing in his tutorial. Check out the post Rendering and Compositing a Rusted Worn Truck here.