Dark Arts Tools include

  • Fast Texturer

  • Fast Production Shader setup for MIP shading network

  • Color chart

  • Autofocuser

  • Studio Lighting

  • Fast Scene Setup

  • Mirror Geometry Tool

  • Attribute Randomiser

  • Randomiser

  • Shader Randomiser

  • Realign polygon

  • Duplicator

  • CubeFx

  • Auto Locator – Maya to AFX

  • Time Warper Plus

  • Ground Snap

  • And so much more…

Stephen Vaifoou releases his suite of scripts for Autodesk Maya that are aimed to speed up your workflow in pretty much all aspects of production.

Dark Arts Tools offer tools for modeling, lighting, shading, texturing, animation, and much more.

From modeling to texturing to animation to rigging, tools to speed up your workflow

Dark Arts Tools provide an extensive suite of tools that are easily accessible through a series of panels in Maya. Stephen has also put together some extensive video showing the use of Dark Arts toosl.

Dark Arts Tools are available for Maya 2011 and up, and can be purchased for $20.0 which is a special introductory price for a short time.

Stephen notes that the promotion special really is at a ridiculous price. Set to get this great set of tools out there, so get in quick with tools that help reduce some of the tediousness of Maya.  Check out the Dark Arts Tools for Maya here.