It hasn’t even been six months since the release of SHAPES blend shape editor for Maya, and already the brave rabbit Ingo Clemens has posted a look at the new features that will be present in SHAPES 2 which is planned for release soon.

a preview of the new version 2.0 of SHAPES which will be available shortly

SHAPES 2.0 adds the SHAPES brush, which is also a standalone free component to the SHAPES suite. In addition to the SHAPES brush, SHAPES 2.0 now includes support for blend shape weight maps. This includes being able to copy / paste or invert, trim, import, export or delete blend shape weight maps.

The interface has also been spruced up in terms of workflow, grouping items together for much better UI organization. SHAPES 2 also added color coded active channels when filtering, and user defined slider ranges.

SHAPES was designed to be the definitive blend shape editor that can easily streamline the process for creating and editing corrective blend shapes in Autodesk Maya. Including the SHAPEs brush which gives you a much better painting and sculpting experience in Maya, SHAPES 2 is a must buy if you do any sort of rigging in Maya