Maya Custom Tools Script Adds Custom Fresnel Curves

A little while ago, the Render Blog posted a something that covered creating your very own custom fresnel curves for your Maya renderings. If you were diligent enough to follow along and to get through the very detailed and technical article, you were able to create your own fresnel response for your shaders. Check out part 2 for building your own custom fresnel curves in Maya here.

creates an individual remapValue node for the given n and k values

If your eyes glazed over half way through the article and you are still interested in custom fresnel curves, there is luck. The Render Blog has added a Custom Fresnel Curves Script to the Maya Custom tools panel that was released a few months earlier.

The Maya Custom Tools offer a panel in Autodesk Maya that conveniently places the most used tools for your lighting and rendering pipeline in Maya with Arnold Render. The panel will bring forward some of the most used settings for Arnold, including render size, number of samples for common attributes such as antialiasing and global illumination, scene management and custom AOV management.

Custom Fresnel Curves Addition

The Custom Fresnel Script will create an individual remap value node for the given n and k values of the fresnel formula and contains a user friendly UI for metallic materials that can automatically map the nodes to the shader you are using with some presets.

You can easily add your own presets by adding to the code or even expand it to include other types of shaders such as the aiStandard, varyMTL or mia material to easily customize it to fit your own workflows.

João makes note, that this won’t make you perfect shaders, it’s just another tool that you have at your disposal.


To download the scripts, you can check the page at the render blog here: Therenderblog custom python tools panel, or over at CreativeCrash here  – Maya custom tools – Therenderblog 1.1.0.