Sneak Look at DEM Earth 2 Which Will Add Buildings to Terrains

DEM earth is a ridiculously effective tool for creating 3d maps from data in Cinema 4D, DEM Earth 2 takes it to the next level. If you are unfamiliar with the DEM Earth plugin for c4d, it’s the one that you wish you had and will lust over in every 3D application.

No other application makes it this easy to extract what you need from the OSM Database, when you need it

DEM allows you to easily generate truly dynamic Digital Elevation Models and actually geo-reference them in C4D in realtime. Using information and data available online, DEM Earth automatically builds the terrain and open street map data into a 3D model in the viewport.

All you have to do is provide a geographical coordinate, and you can create realtime, interactive and highly dynamic landscapes that you can an, zoom and animate and modify. If that sounds crazy, it’s because it is and it’s not to be missed – if you have missed it, then check out DEM Earth for Cinema 4D to learn more about the DEM Earth plugin for C4d.


DEM Earth 2 Beta

Of course the next iteration for DEM Earth had to be equally as impressive and for all intents and purposes they are, judging from the preview sample that was posted in the last little while.

DEM Earth 2 will offer a completely new “Smart OSM Object”. This is being described as a completely new and revolutionary way to bring OSM (Open Street Map) data into your C4d scene.

The Smart OSM Object was developed to take the barriers of using OpenStreetMap away and makes it artist friendly and very accessible. No other application makes it this easy to extract what you need from the OSM Database, when you need it.


Also shown is the new Smart Extruder in DEM Earth 2. The Smart Extruder expands on what is possible in C4D, by linking DEM Earth and Smart OSM together to provide an intelligent and accurate way to bring buildings into the scene.

The new Smart Extruder will use both terrain and real world scale information from DEM Earth to extrude simple buildings to realistic and relative heights that work within the DEM Earth Landscape. Pretty fantastic.