CG Technical Artist, Paul Winex shows a preview of his take on a better Hypershade Editor in Maya. The Hypershade window in Maya is still useful, although looking a little dated both in functionality and use compared to new editors in Maya like the Node Editor.

Alternative to the standard window Hyperhsade. the main difference – the ability to assemble shaders in a tree structure

One of the things that Hypershade is notoriously poor at, is organizing a scenes many, many shaders. The Hypershade editor in Maya does have some organizational tools, although they are lacking in many areas.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just organize everything in the Hypershade Editor with folders? This is what Paul Winex is teasing us with – showing off a quick preview of his Hylershade Tree.

Paul’s Hypershade tree shows that you are able to use folders and folder structures right in the Hypershade editor. Puals take on the Hypershade Editor also uses the functionally more useful node editor instead of the default Hypershade work area. The Hypershade Tree also has a large preview that can be pulled out, for a huge and unobstructed view of your shaders swatches.

If you recall, Paul has given us this type of folder structure functionality before in Maya, with his Display Layer Tree, a QT Plugin for Maya that will allow you to use folders in the Layer panel.

The Race to a Better Hypershade Editor in Maya

If you have missed it, Autodesk held a “vision” series at Siggraph 2014, where they showed their take on a better, more updated and functional Hypershade Editor in Autodesk Maya. Check out the post See Where Autodesk is Headed With Lighting, Rendering, Effects and Animation-  check it out here A Better Hypershade for Autodesk Maya.