Magic AnimCurve for C4D Offers Quick and Easy Presets for Animation Graph Curves

No Question that Nitroman has some great offerings both paid and free for Cinema 4D. Most his tools and plugins are workflow related, and his new Magic AnimCurve plugin is no exception.

easily change animation curves in Cinema 4D

Magic AnimCurve is a plugin for C4D that will allow you to choose between preset F-Curve representations for your animation curves in the animation graph.

With a simple floating window, you can choose between different animation curve styles, picking between ease in, ease out, and ease in and out category groupings.

Magic AnimCurve will allow you to quickly pick and try out different F-Curves for your object’s animation in C4D. Magic AnimCurve also supports Smooth Curve and Animation Tags in Cinema 4D.

Check out the free Magic AnimCurve for C4D here.