Migrating from Softimage? Check out the Softimage To Houdini Guides

Designed to assist Softimage artists who are looking to transfer their skills to a Houdini-based workflow

The Softimage to Houdini Guides can help ease your transition out of Softimage. It has been a while since we have found out that Softimage has reached its end of life, and people are left to find something new to move on to, or possibly stay with Softimage.

If you are kicking the tires on some new applications such as Modo, Cinema 4D or Houdini, you might be interested to find that VFX Supervisor Jordi Bares has produces a comprehensive set of PDF guides that are designed to transfer your 3D skills over to a Houdini workflow.

The guides come in the form of 10 chapters ranging from general concepts to compositing and everything in-between. Check out the Softimage To Houdini Guides over at Side Effects here: Softimage to Houdini Guides.