Learn What Replaces the Partition Node in Newer Versions of Houdini

Rohan Dalvi covers what the Partition Node did in Houdini and what replaced it in later versions.

Later versions of Side FX Houdini lack the partition node, which is used to generate groups on attributes. The Partition Node made it easier to convert point or primitive data into groups. So, if the Partition Node is gone, what replaces it?

Watch Rohan Dalvi’s latest tutorial, which provides alternative ways to achieve the same functionality in Houdini 20. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Connectivity Node: This can create a new ” class ” attribute that differentiates each connected object into its group.
  • Group from Name: This node can convert a string attribute into a group.
  • Wrangle Node: This node can convert an integer attribute into a name attribute.
  • Enumerate Node: This node can convert points into groups by assigning each point a unique index.

The tutorial also covers converting material names to groups and creating separate groups from points.

About Rohan Dalvi.

Rohan Dalvi is a veteran 3D Artist and Trainer covering Side FX Houdini techniques and concepts.