Placing Two Different Textures onto Clones in C4D

Pixldg has a look at how you can place two separate textures on to a single cloner group in C4D and still have the textures react correctly to effectors and animation.

Over the course of this blog we have had the opportunity to see this issue of  textures onto clones in C4D explored of more than once.

Joren Kadel from the Pixel Lab with a quick little tip on having textures stick to clones that are animated in Cinema 4D with the post Sticking a Texture to Moving & Rotating Clones in Cinema 4D, as well as the post Cinema 4D Multi Shader, Add Different Textures To Multiple Clones.

Almost the reverse, Kevin Snyder posts a look at how to apply a texture that can span across multiple clones to achieve a seamless look in Cinema 4D with the post Applying Textures to Multiple MoGraph Clones.