Introduction to Using emPolygonizer5 in Modo

Eric Mootz has a look at his super fast meddling plugin emPolygonizer5 working within The Foundry’s Modo. emPolygonizer5 was recently announced for Maya, Modo, Softimage, as well as Fabric Engine. Eric has a look at the uses for the tool within Modo and the plugins parameters for creating meshes from simulated particles.

emPolygonizer will allow you to dynamically build meshes from particle clouds. emPoligonizer5 does this with an intuitive workflow using a multithreaded meshed core. Not to mention it is very efficient with  with its memory usage. This make emPolygonizer completely capable of “meshing” dozens of millions of particles easily.

You can learn more about emPolygonizer 5, check its home at Mootzoid, where you can download and use a demo version, read the documentation and of course, purchase emPolygonizer 5.