MARI Ideas Previews the MARI Texture Scatter Node

MARI Ideas runner Jens Kafitz shows off a new MARI Texture Scatter node that will be part of the MARI Extension Pack. If you are unfamiliar with the Node Pack, at the MARI Ideas site– the best and most effective new items are thrown into an easy downloaded “pack” that users can download and install, Totally free and open source.

Showing 8k Tile Creation with Texture Scatter 2d Node

The MARI Texture Scatter Node is still in development, but will most likely be available free of charge as part of MARI Extension Pack 1.7 in January 2015. Jens Kafitz also posted an example of the speed of the MARI Texture Scatter Node’s performance wiring on an 8k tile in MARI.

The Last MARI Node Pack includes MARI adjustments, Procedurals, and shaders that will extend MARI’s functionality. Recently the MARI Node Pack has updated to version 1.5 including some of the new cylindrical projection tools, and photoshop-like color selection tools, as well as some new organic procedural noise patterns.