New Training Series Focuses on Integrating RealFlow With C4D

Kamel Khezri recently launched a new site that will house both his free and premium tutorials and training titles – Mograph Plus. Mograph Plus’ newly launched training series, Advanced 3d motion graphics in Cinema 4d and Realflow looks at integrating RealFlow simulations in C4D motion graphics.

The series includes more than 3 Hours of detailed video tutorials walking through the process of creating motion graphics with Realflow and cinema 4d.

What you learn in this course:

  • Learn how to use Realflow and its powerful fluid simulation tools for motion graphic purposes .
  • Learn the complete process for simulating , meshing and exporting high quality fluids in RealFlow
  • Learn how to retime your fluid simulation in just a few minutes
  • Learn how to professionally integrate between RealFlow and Cinema 4d
  • Learn how to create simple and effective  lighting rigs for your scene in Cinema 4d
  • Learn how to create professional custom lights to create awesome reflections in your scene
  • Learn the psychology behind any successful lighting
  • Learn how to setup cameras and prepare ypur scene for final render
  • Learn how to approach multi-pass rendering in cinema 4d and after effects
  • Learn how to use your 3d data from cinema 4d in after effects to generate different effects

To learn more about the training title Advanced 3d motion graphics in Cinema 4d and Realflow, check out its home on Mograph+ here.