UberTracer 2 for C4D Will Have More Functionality and be a Full-fledged Plugin

UberTracer was a free tool for Cinema4D that was born out of a quick and random discussion its creator Gene Carlo Magtoto had online. Originally quickly built as a proof of concept, UberTracer will see a new release soon.

UberTracer 2.0 is being built up from scratch as a proper plugin for C4D and offer a lot more functionality. The first version of UberTracer was a Generator Object extending the feature set of the MoGraph Tracer, making it useful for adding for more options connecting elements.




Gene Carlo has posted some of the new features that are being worked on for UberTracer 2.0

Fade transitions when over or under distance threshold

  • fade will shrink or split edges instead of outright disappearing.
  • separate options when going under, within, and going over distance limits (each can be disabled as well.)
  • fade distances can be overridden globally, or based on particle life, or vertex maps.

New modes, including “Poly edges”

  • Poly Edges will generate splines only along non-ngon polygon edges, similar to AtomArray. This mode will be significantly faster, as it only needs to check existing point pairs.
  • The option to use object’s vertices or just the axis is now set per-object.

Can be properly used with Sketch & Toon and Hair Render.

Cloners, Subdivision Surface Objects, etc. can be used as inputs now.

  • Clones can be treated as multiple items, or a single object (toggled per object.)
  • Standard Particles and TP are usable (I don’t have access to X-Particles, so you’ll have to generate TP from it first.)

All spline generators should be able to use UberTracer as an input object.

Generated spline’s type can now be changed.

Performance has been improved, though it will still be single-threaded for now due to code complexity.


UberTracer 2.0 is still in development, although Gene Carlo Magtoto notes that the core functionality is done. Most of the work left is to make sure everything’s stable before release. It’s currently coded for R16, but it looks promising for other version compiles for R15 and R14.

The Pricing and release date to be announced.