Another revisit on the practice of rigging an Xpresso driven clock in Cinema 4D, certainly well played ground for good reason. Rigging a clock in C4D is actually a great exercise in expressions, methodology and and great way to learn such practices.

a different approach to animating the clock hands for precise intervals of time.

Here, Ilir Beqiri, after seeing Rene’s tutorial on creating an Xpresso driven clock so you can animate a ramp to the speed of the clock easily, expanded on the rigging concepts to include setting the clock’s time simply by entering it numerically.

This will allow you to enter a specific time for the clock hands, eliminating the need to guess or rotate the hands to match a certain time. With this method you can simply enter a time value and the Xpresso set up will take care of the rest.

As with all of Ilir’s tutorial, he provides the scene file that you can tinker with.