Rene Czepluch has covered how to create a clock rig in C4D before, using some of his Xpresso tricks, such as how to activate events on arbitrary frames.

Let xpresso and python work with custom user data, so we aren’t relying on any time node

Rene takes another look at building a clock rig in C4D, this time making it so you can easily speed up and slow down the hands of the clock in animation.

This is accomplished through Xpresso, user driven data, and some python as well. This set up relies less on the Xpresso Time Node, replacing it with your own values.

This way you can increase or decrees the speed of the clock and still have the rig work out in the animation. There are two range mapper nodes which form the user data that ultimately ends up driving two different values, minimizing the keyframes needed and also optimizing the workflow needed for creating animation with the clock rig.

Check out the complete tutorial over on Rene’s site, with the post Making It Tick, cinema 4d xpresso and python here.


More Resources for Creating a Clock Rig in C4D

Joey Korenman offers a look into providing the basics needed for using Xpresso in C4D while creating clock rig that will run in real time. Using Expressions to Create a Working Clock in Cinema 4D With Xpresso.

Sebastien Lavoie demonstrated how to both model and animate a clock in Cinema 4D using Xpresso and user data for some control. Modeling and Animating An Xpresso Driven Clock In Cinema 4D.

Of course Rene’s older tutorial on creating a clock rig can get you started. Driving a Clock with Xpresso.