Mini Kiwi’s Tickler for After Effects is a tool which will allow you to easily create a stop motion like look for your animation. The tool will give you that choppy animated look that is a distinction of some stop motion animation.

Tickler adds an interesting animation to your layers to achieve a stop motion feel.

Tickler gives you that unsteady look by applying animated transforms and displacement maps. The result is a jerky animation where the layers move in position, scale and rotation to simulate the frame difference of a hand drawn animation.


This is much more than just a wiggle expression. The Tickler tool can also simulate the exposure differences of the animation from frame to frame, giving it a much more natural look – as if it was shot in camera.

Tickler has a handy undo button which will return the layers in your composition to the previous state (before Tickler was applied). And if you have applied additional manipulations to the Tickler’d layers it will retain those and just remove the Tickler settings.

Check out Tickler for After Effects on for more information. Tickler price is only $4.99, a pretty low cost for some fun.