Recently, OTOY has launched Octane Render for Nuke, a plugin that enables users to render 3D geometry or existing Octane scenes in Octane Render from within the popular node based compositor.

enables users to render Nuke 3d geometry and/or existing Octane scene in OctaneRender from within the Nuke application.

Octane Render for Nuke can render OCS and ORBX scenes created with Octane Standalone or any of the compatible Octane plugins.

Animated geometry and camera data from the OCS/ORBX file (in an ABC Scene Node) is tied to the Nuke timeline. This means that scrubbing the Nuke timeline will respectively move the Octane time to the corresponding point.

Octane Render for Nuke works with Nuke’s 3d geometry (including Cylinder, Cube, Card, Sphere and GeoRead) which can all be rendered with the OctaneRender Node.

If the OctaneRender node has already had an OCS/ORBX file imported, any Nuke 3d geometry will be added to the scene.

Octane Render fro Nuke gives you access to all Octane Render Passes (currently 38 different passes available) right within the Nuke channel.

You can even edit Octane materials and render settings via the Octane NodeGraph editor window. Changes that are made in the Nuke NodeGraph window update immediately in the Nuke viewer.

You can learn more about OTOY’s Octane Render for Nuke over at Octane’s render forums.