Nick Hill, Creative Director from the Motion graphics team at No Magnolia shows how you can layout a grid of irregular shapes in After Effects by way of some fairly simple expressions.

Here’s how to lay out a grid of logos (or anything, really) in AE, using some fairly simple expressions.

After Effects does have an align and distribute panel, but the commands work on the center of the shape or bounding box. If you are working on a layout of logos for instance, the align doesn’t take the shape of the image into consideration.

This will leave larger visual gaps between some objects versus others. There is a way to layout a grid of logos though, and that is with After Effects’ expression language.



If you need to layout a grid system that divides the screen in various proportions, Mayra Vescovi posted a look at doing such a thing. Check out the post for Creating A Grid-Like Layout Using Basic Expressions in After Effects.