Curious Animal Releases Grid Layout System for C4D

Curious Animal have recently released their new plugin for Cinema. The Grid Layout System for C4D offers some great features for designing and animating grid based layouts.

The plugin give you powerful text instancing, and interchangeable modifiers that can help you design and animate layouts for animations like infographics or titles.

Grid Layout System for C4D creates tiles and gives you tools to modify those tiles easily, by either splitting them or controlling each tile’s color.

The plugin provides a range of layout modifiers that can be easily added, removed or swapped out. This makes it really quick and easy to adjust and tweak the grid based layouts.

Grid Layout System for C4D has powerful built in tools to generate extruded text objects, and help you keep your text aligned between tiles.

Once a layout system is created, you have control the spacing of the tiles, as well as between the edge of tiles and their text or object instances using padding. The tool’s Transform Area modifier helps you animate some of your layout’s tiles while automatically squashing or stretching neighbouring tiles.

Grid Layout System for C4D is comprised of:

  • 2 Layout Generators – Grid and Layout
  • 11 Layout Modifiers, including Set Instance, Set Text, Merge, Split, Insert, Remove, Padding, Set Properties, Transform,
  • Transform Area and Transform Instance
  • 7 Layout Selectors – All, Index, Index Range, Column, Row, Falloff and Modifier Position.


You can download and use a demo version of the plugin that has limited features. Check out the Grid Layout System for C4D for more information.