Mettle’s FreeFrom Pro is fast shaping up to be the premiere 3D content creation plugin for After Effects. If you want to create and use 3D objects directly in After Effects, FreeFrom Pro is practically your only choice. FreeForm Pro is one of the few Ae plugins that can actually create 3D objects without leaving the application.

The latest version of FreeForm has some great new features including the render primitives, which allows you to create some really great effects using icosahedron, cubes, octahedron, tetrahedron, rods, planes.

FreeForm Pro also adds new render options, letting you render objects in X-Ray mode, normals, points, UV or shadows. The latest addition of the plugin also has improved displacement mapping and contour controls, and adds a new sky-dome feature to the environments section.

Mettle posted a short video showing off some of the work that was created with FreeForm Pro 1.75 from its some of its users, including Chris Lavelle, Lutz Albrecht, Tudor “Ted” Jelescu and Patrick Larochelle. You can find out more: Features Sample: FreeForm Pro Version 1.75.

You can take FreeForm Pro V1.75 for a test drive by downloading a demo.