RealFlow, Fracturing Objects and Rigid Body Dynamics

Ruan Lotter of Cape Town Post house TunnelvizionTV shows how you can use RealFlow’s rigid body tools to create simple fractures and destructive animation.

For the most part RealFlow is a fluid simulation application, but it also has rigid and soft body tools to round out the types of simulations that you can create with its unique dynamics engine.

If you need to fracture an object, and animate the fracture into a small destruction, RealFlow can accommodate that easily. On this subject of fracture and destruction, there was a post a while back that showed a more complex example, with an extensive look at tearing down a bridge using RealFlow. This was done using RealFlow’s MultiJoint System, and can also be done without the use of MultiJoints using RealFlow’s Caronte Dynamic Solve.

Going a step further with RealFlow’s dynamics system Ran Ben Avraham showed how you can create a soft body dynamics animation with semi-inflated typography.