Digital Anarchy recently released Beauty Box 4, their plugin tool for automatically removing blemishes and wrinkle retouching for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut.

An introduction to Beauty Box Video for Adobe After Effects

Beauty Box Video 4.0 takes Digital Anarchy’s skin smoothing technology and gives it realtime rendering on some GPUs. Beauty Box harnesses CUDA and OpenCL on newer Nvidia and AMD GPU’s to offer a great speed improvement over previous versions. In fact, Beauty Box 4 will be near realtime or realtime depending on the system.

Beauty Box makes digital retouching and beauty work easy with automatic masking and skin retouching capabilities and now version 4 adds incredibly fast rendering as well.

In the example video, we can see how easy it is to retouch skin, lighting, or even makeup problems in HD or 4K. It only takes minutes to set up Beauty Box and dial in the settings on the first frame of your video. Then you can sit back and let the plugin do the rest of the work.

For the curious, you can download the demo and try it on your own footage by visiting Digital Anarchy Beauty Box.