Nukeygara Launches Akeytsu Beta

French company, nukeygara recently unleashed the public beta to their 3D rigging and animation tool akeytsu. Built to revolutionize the 3D software animation workflow, akeytsu is dedicated solely to the character rigging and animation pipeline.

akeytsu is the first 3D software program of its kind providing a fast and intuitive solution with character keyframe animation and rigging features only.

Akeytsu boasts some pretty exciting features and workflows that have yet to be seen in existing applications. Akeytsu’s intuitive and artist friendly rigging tools promises an easy way to rig characters. Gone are the complexities of creating animatable characters with complex rigging systems. Akeytsu offers one skeleton that drives everything that you would possibly need as an animator.


Akeytsu, Built to Be Familiar to Animators

Akeytsu also touts what looks to be some great new user interface and experience advancements. Animators are able to access things in Akeytsu’s novel “spinner” contextual heads up display, and the application will show the animation curves in the main viewport behind your animation scene, rather than a separate window or panel.

Most tools in the program are built to be familiar to animators with panels and interface elements mimicking traditional animation tools. This can be seen in the application’s timeline which is much more keyframe concentric showing keys and interpolations, and its timing chart-like panel, the “stacker”.

The first version of akeytsu is meant to be targeted for video games industry, with more features rolling out for other industries as development continues. You can purchase Akeytsu during the beta period at a discounted price for early access.

Right now the beta is only running under the Windows platform, with more supported operating systems on the way. Check out the beta for Akeytsu for more information and a download. Then be sure to check out the wide range of tutorials getting you familiar with Akeytsu and its tools.