Cloner Speed Comparison Using Mograph To Mesh Tools

A while ago, Adam Heslop released the Mograph To Mesh Tools for Cinema 4D. The tools allow you to texture a mesh through C4D’s Mograph Cloners and matrix objects.

Here is an example of how the PIP – Mograph To Mesh Tools can really speed up your workflow. 

This gives you a huge speed boost in your viewport, compared to using cloned geometry. How big is the performance gain?  Adam shows off an example where the cloned geometry slows down the C4D viewport to the point where it is practically unusable. The scene becomes such a processor hog that the frame rate drops severely.

Using the MoGraph to Mesh Tools however, and you can see that the frame rate is pretty high and stays that way no matter what is thrown at it.

Pixels In Progress – Mograph to mesh tools is compatible for r15-r16 and can be purchased for $47.00. Check out Adam Heslop’s Mograph to mesh tools for Cinema 4D.