Adam Heslop’s Mograph To Mesh Tools for C4D

A while back, we had a look at Adam Heslop’s work into developing some pretty amazing Cinema 4D plugins. Recently, the tinkering has grown fruit into a full-fledged product.

texture your mesh through mograph cloners and matrix objects.

Adam Hislop released Mograph To Mesh Tools for C4D a while back, which essentially allow you to transfer the power of the Mograph Matrix in C4D to other areas of your workflow.

The Mograph To Mesh tools allow you to texture your mesh through C4D’s Mograph Cloner and matrix objects, offering a huge viewport speed improvement over just using cloned geometry.

Here Adam shows how to use these plugins to texture your mesh and control them using mograph tools.

The Mesh Tools are only compatible with Cinema 4D R15 & R16 on OS X at the moment, with other platforms being added in the future. You can pick up the Mograph To Mesh plugins for $47.00 on Adam’s Pixels in Progress.

Be sure to check out some examples of the Mograph To Mesh Tools in use below.

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    There is Windows version available.

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