Matt Richardson Shows Off His RealtimeUK Nuke Pipeline

It is always interesting to see how other people leverage challenges into tools, workflow and pipelines.

A demo of the Nuke pipeline, currently in use at RealtimeUK.

It is always nice to have an insider’s look at the systems in place in a busy working VFX and CG facility.

With that in mind, RealTimeUK’s Matt Richardson dropped me a note to let me know that he had posted a look at some of the python scripts and workflows that are currently in use at RealtimeUK.

Matt notes that the video show a whole load of python scripts that he has written over the past 4 years. All of the scripts work together and offer some of the functionality you see in Shotgun, Ftrack and NukeStudio.

Matt also notes that the pipeline is constantly growing and evolving, so any feedback is very welcome.