Download a Stereoscopic Spherical VR Camera for Cinema 4D

Story 2 Pixel’s Perry Patterson shows how you can use his new Stereoscopic Spherical VR camera in Cinema 4D. The Stereoscopic Spherical VR camera in Cinema 4D allows you to render out a side by side equirectangular file that can be played back on an Occulus Rift or Google Cardboard.

You can download the Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality Camera for Cinema 4D that you can use to generate Stereo VR files from your C4D projects here.

If you want to start creating your own VR content, you can download the template file that has the Stereoscopic Spherical VR Camera in it, and use it for your own projects.

Perry has been really pushing Cinema 4D tools to create VR content, with other tutorial like how to create your own custom IBL’s and lighting HDRI’s for your favorite 3D app, using a low cost 360 degree camera, and how to fake a 360 Degree Camera in Cinema 4D.