Refine The Speed of Camera Moves in C4D With a Time Track

Camera moves take time to sort out. If you want those silky-smooth camera moves, you’re going to have to spend some time in a graph editor. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that  you need to be endlessly manning multiple curves to get what you need.

How else can it be done? Well, according to Freelance Motion Graphics Designer Will Giuliani, With C4D’s time track. Using a Time Track will allow you to edit multiple curves at once using, essentially just one simple curve. The Time Track will essentially let you adjust the velocity, or speed of the graph without affecting the spacial positioning of your camera move.

So if you want to specifically work with position and rotation at the same time, you can have those values be dictated by a single time track and adjust the speed of it, much like you would in After Effects. Both of those values will look back to the time track for reference.

It’s a much cleaner way to control the speed of animating objects, especially if you are used to the After Effects way of separating velocity and transformations.