Create a Function That Accesses an After Effects layer's Blend Mode

David Torno adds to his Free Function Friday series, with a look at accessing layers blending mode in After Effects. The function that he will cover creating this time is called getSelLayBlendMode, which will, as it sounds, return the selected layer’s blend mode. In the end, the script will take the sleeted layers in the timeline and return the values for the blend mode of each.

Dive into accessing a layer’s blending mode.

You can easily glance at a few layers to see what their blend mode is set to, but what if you have hundreds of layers in your After Effects timeline? This is where scripting can help.

David lists off all the possible blend mode settings for an Ae layer in his post and shows how to create the getSelLayBlendMode function. Check out the post for Accessing a Layers Blend mode with ExtendScript for the full article.