Tool Chefs Set All Their Maya, Lightwave Plugins Free

The Tool Chefs have, in the past released some really great workflow tools for both Maya and Lightwave 3D. Some were available for free, while others were attached to a price.

Camera Lattice tool is the ultimate solution for mesh deformations in camera space.

Recently however, the Chefs have placed all of their tools on the site for free. You can download and use all of the Tool Chefs plugins for free. There were some pretty great plugins under the Maya heading, including motion path, camera lattice, a soft IK solver, key reducer, a harmonic deformer, V-deformer, and a rotation interpolator— all of which are now free.

The Tool Chef’s Motion Path Tool was one plugin that went for around $100, and it is now free. The Motion Path tool allowed you to easily visualize animations in the Maya viewport in realtime, showing all kinds of information in the path trace.

Check out all the plugins available at the Tool Chefs site here.