Parallel Rig Evaluation with nDynamics in Maya

Maya 2016 introduced Parallel Rig Evaluation, which offered a significant performance boost in the viewport, being able to push characters and animation in realtime and beyond. The rigging evaluation feature allows all the calculations for the rigging to be siphoned off to multiple GPU and CPU cores.

how to get nDynamics to work with Parallel Rig Evaluation for faster performance

However, it never included anything based on dynamics. If you had any nDynamic elements in your scene, essentially that would turn off Maya’s Parallel Rig Evaluation.

Thankfully, Maya 2016 Extension release 1 has changed that. Now if you are using any Nucleus based dynamics systems within your rigs, you can take advantage of speed boosts that you would get using parallel evaluation.

It’s relevant to note that Maya 2016 Ext 1 will only use parallel evaluation for nDynamic systems and this doest include any legacy systems, such as rigid or soft body dynamics.