Get Familiar With Blackmagic Design Fusion Particle Systems

VFX’er Chetal Gazdar shares a look into Fusion particle systems, showing how to create golden and glowing particle effects.

Create Golden dust using very powerful particle system of Blackmagic Design Fusion.

Blackmagic Design Fusion has certainly been gaining popularity, with an OS X version releasing soon, and a version that you can use free of charge. Fusion is a really powerful node-based compositing application, that has a unified and true 3D environment incorporated into its workflow.

The thing about Blackmagic Design Fusion, is that is has been built to be fast. Much of the application is multithreaded and built to take advantage of today’s GPU’s.

Here, Chetal Gazdar offers an introductory look at working with Blackmagic Design Fusion’s particle systems, while walking through creating a specific example.