Pim Groof has released a new and free plugin for Cinema 4D, Slice4D. The plugin will let you cut any polygon model in C4D into arbitrary sections.

Slice your object in “sliced” object.

Setting the number of slices and distance in the panel will segment up your model, allowing you to change the distance of the segments on the fly.

The plugin will make a copy of your object for the slices, so in a sense it works non-destructively, although not procedurally.

Slice4D is free to download, but If you like the plugins, please make a small donation.
This will help Pim Groof to continue making more free plugins.


You might remember Pim Groof from his other plugin, AniSplines, which lets you edit your animations using splines in the cinema 4d viewport. You can edit function curves as a HUD in your C4D viewport without leaving your animation to get to the graph editor.