Create a Space Scene Entirely In BlackMagic Design Fusion

Chetal Gazdar walks through creating a space scene entirely in BMD Fusion, bringing Fusion’s particle systems to the forefront.

how to create a Space scene completely inside Blackmagic Design Fusion.

BlackMagic Design Fusion has the wicked combination of having a composite environment, a true and unified 3D environment, and nodes.

Like Nuke, BMD Fusion can be really flexible for pipeline work, but also have the ability to create scenes from start to finish.



If you want to start working with a node based compositor and visual effects package rather than fighting any further with the likes of After Effects, BMD Fusion 8, and Fusion 8 Studio is currently in a public beta cycle. Fusion 7 also has a “free” version which can also be downloaded.


Creating a space scene is a great way to fully understand the Fusion workflow, and get acquainted wth the application. You can also download the project files for this tutorial.