Maya Script Lets You Instantly Generate Shelf Icons

Maya Shelf Icons

It’s really convenient to be able to add every little thing to a maya shelf. It’s one of the benefits of having an underlying application language, in either MEL or Python. One of the things that just doesn’t seem to “cut it” are the shelf icons. The default Maya shelf icons are clunky, and labeling them doesn’t leave for much room for anything to be legible. Typically shortening an icon label doesn’t make it any more memorable a few days down the road.

You can certainly build your own icons for your shelf buttons, but that is just breaking your workflow in Maya. Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate your own shelf icons right in Maya? Now you can, thanks to the Maya Shelf Label Icon Generator, a new script from kturkay.


Maya Shelf Label Icon Generator lets you create color-coded pixel perfect icons for your shelf buttons, giving you a preview of what the icon will look like when it is generated. Adding type to the icon itself, alleviates the awkward shortened labels.

The script can export as PNG and supports transparency. Check out the Maya Shelf Label Icon Generator for more information.