Sushi Bento Offers an Alternative Maya Portable Shelf

David Su wanted to find an easy way to carry his custom Maya Shelves around with him, without even touching the Maya Prefs folder. The result was Sushi Bento, a small and easy way to make a Maya Portable Shelf.

David wanted something that allowed you to place place it anywhere, from the desktop to a USB drive. He also wanted to be able to migrate current maya shelf buttons on to the new tool’s user interface, and simulate Maya’s ability to save the user’s preferences.

Sushi Bento is all that, a custom Maya portable shelf that is easy run, no matter where you are.

David notes that the overall the tool is not particularly powerful or flexible enough to completely replace Maya’s custom shelf – but it does offer some very unique features that will be useful to users in various part of the pipeline. Check out David’s post for more information on Sushi Bento, Maya portable shelf tool here.

Sushi Bento will be available soon.