Shahin Toosi Tests V-Ray in Nuke, Creates Amazing Sci-Fi City

If V-Ray Nuke hasn’t made much sense to you as a product release, you really need to see how it can be used in a visual effects pipeline. V-Ray Nuke offers all the benefits and features of the Chaos Group’s popular physically plausible renderer right within The Foundry’s node-based compositor.

Interested in taking V-Ray Nuke out for a test drive, Senior Compositor Shahin Toosi came up with the idea to create a test that reflected the production pipeline as close as possible.

Essentially Shanin wanted to answer the question, “Why would I render out of NUKE rather than from Maya?”, and came up with the Sci-fi City scene as a real-world, hardcore test. Everything from concept art (By Tim Holleyman) to 3D, to a layer of supervision and changes, with all the materials for the scene, lighting and rendering completely created with V-ray right in Nuke.

Shanin Toosi was a senior compositor on such titles as Godzilla and Terminator Genisys, with a resume that reads like all the VFX greats, Industrial Light and Magic, Double Negative, and MPC.

Shanin walks through how he created the Sci-fi City shot, with a fantastic overview for the process.

Part one looks at how the scene made use of V-ray Proxy’s for faster rendering, and using V-rayDirt and Ambient light to fake Global Illumination setup. On the Nuke specific side,  it also covers building Lighting Gizmos using Pworld and Nworld, Light Blockers with Card and Roto node.