If you are looking to make some inroads to automating workflows, C4D Python might be the way to go. The problem is that many artists are not really accustom to scripting languages. This can have many artists leave C4D Python scripting to the eggheads. It doesn’t have to be that way, because scripting can be made easy.

This is a tutorial for those who struggle with wrapping their head around scripting with Python in Cinema 4D

Here, C4D Artist Noah Witchell offers up some tricks for using C4D Python scripting, without really diving too far into the high-level general-purpose programming language. Noah notes that this isn’t a tutorial that will run through the concepts of Python. It’s not a primer on Python or how it connects with C4D.

Instead, it is a look at how you can start creating small and simple scripts that can get you started immediately. Noah does offer some resources for diving further into Python.

For a primer on Python and how Python interacts with Cinema, check out these tutorials by Jack Bransfield:
Python Fundamentals – vimeo.com/29903598
Talking to Cinema 4D – vimeo.com/29903825
Talking to Twitter – vimeo.com/29905008

For an in depth look at creating a keyframe, check out Pim Groof’s tutorial:

For a little bit more info on the roadblocks that were hit while learning scripting, check out these posts on C4DCafe:

For the most detailed documentation, check out the C4D SDK on Python:

Additional information that might be helpful: