Multiverse for Maya Adds On-Demand Elastic Compounds

MultiVerse for Maya is an Alembic Management tool letting you read, writes and display huge amounts of data with an on-demand workflow. MultiVerse was created for people who were pushing ridiculously huge datasets within Maya, Katana, and Side FX Houdini. The system can outperform built in or even other third party Alembic tools.

It provides much faster Alembic file reading, a lower RAM footprint, faster openGL drawing with Viewport 2, and with the latest release, is now capable of maintaining and preserving really complex asset hierarchies, with a huge amount of objects that can be either static or animated.

MultiVerse 3’s elastic compounds can be easily expanded or compacted from the Maya Outliner and Marking Menus. This makes possible to deal with scenes of potentially infinite size.

With the video above, you can see the new Elastic Compounds in action. They draw fast in the viewport, and read on a “per-frame” basis. They can be expanded/compacted, and can have support for both geomerty and bounding box view modes. These modes allow you to playback at higher frame-rate. The video was recorded on a laptop with low-end hardware just to prove how much faster it can be.

Visit for more information on MultiVerse 3 for Maya, Katana, and Houdini.