3 Methods for Lighting an Exterior Scene With Arnold

A little while ago I posted a tutorial from Yone Santana who walks us through creating lighting for an interior scene with Solid Angle’s Arnold. A new tutorial from Yone is the antithesis with a look at lighting an exterior or outdoor scene.

What’s the difference between rendering an indoor scene versus an outdoor scene? Typically you would need to tune the render engine for each of those. There is nothing more important in rendering than quality over time. If you don’t set up an interior or exterior scene correctly, you might be getting good quality, but at the sacrifice of time.

With this tutorial, Yone walks through 3 possible ways that you can light an exterior scene and render it with Arnold. He looks at using an HDR image to supply the lighting and background for the scene, then goes through the same process using physical say shaders. Lastly, Yone shows how you can develop your own custom lighting, along with some nice camera effects for the final touches.