Understanding How to Rig With Rivets in Maya

Rivets are handy things when you are rigging. Need to stick a button onto a character’s clothes? You need a rivet. For as useful as rivets are, they are a bespoke item within Maya. There is no “Create Rivet” menu item. You can build one using Maya’s tools though. A typical Rivet will use a hair follicle or something similar. As useful as they are, they can be difficult to set up.

If you don’t want to run through MacGyver-ing your own, there are plenty of scripts out there that can do it at the press of a button. The one used in the video is Rivet (button) for Maya, which you can get here.

Want to get to know more about rivets and how you can use them in your own rigging work? Watch Rooster Teeth’s Rigging Artist, Gio Coutinho walk through how a rivet works, how it can break, and how you can use them as a versatile tool in rigging.