Krita 3.1 is just around the corner and the Krita Foundation lets us in on what is up for new features. Probably the most notable thing is that there is now a MacOS version for Krita, with full support for MacOS. Krita is a FREE and open source painting program that has interesting animation abilities.


Another interesting feature is the introduction of a graph editor. Krita’s animation tools were strictly frame by frame before versions 3.1. Adding a graph editor to Krita signals the addition of tween animation. At the moment the Graph Editor can only work with Opacity, Filter and Fill Layers and Masks. IT does lay the ground work for more support including scale, position and other animatable properties in future releases.

Animation Export

Earlier versions of Krita could only export animations as image sequences. Krita 3.1 adds some better animation export formats. This includes animation support for gif, mp4, mkv, and ogg. All of this is based on the FFmpeg framework, which is a separate installation.

Looks as if Krita’s animation expertise is being pushed forward at a nice pace. Hopefully, it will become a strong alternative tool for animation professionals.

Visit the Krita Foundation for more information for what will be new with Krita 3.1.