Create Your Own Custom Particle System With VEX

If you’ve ever watched a tutorial and thought to yourself “That was good, but I wish it had more Newtonian mechanics in it” Then you are in for a treat.

Entagma’s Moritz Schwind shows how you can create your very own particle system in Houdini from scratch using Houdini’s VEX. If you are not familiar with Entagma, the site is an amazing resource brought to you by Aixsponza members Manuel Casasola Merkle, and Moritz Schwind. The two cover some very in-depth topics with Houdini, C4D and general computer graphics.

Follow Moritz as he shows how you can create your own custom particle system. It all starts with the physics behind how the particle system might work, and then shows how you can build implement with Houdini’s VEX, and finally render out the animation.

The project files are available for download. As Moritz pointed out in the comments on there is quite a severe coding mistake when iterating over all points for doing the physics sim.


This line in Pointwrangle2 in the solver:

for(int i = 0; i < @ptnum; i++){

should read like this:

for(int i = 0; i < @numpt; i++){


That is fixed in this file:

Download Project File (.hipnc):

Download Project File – Physically implausible setup but funny results (.hipnc):