Watch Vahan Sosoyan’s 2016 Lookdev and Lighting Showreel

Vahan Sosoyan is a look dev and lighting TD at the at FrameStore. His 2016 lighting reel reads like a “Best of Album” from your favorite band. There are some nice breakdowns in here. Vahan is also the author of Aton, and Arnold Interface-compatible display driver and Nuke plug-in for direct rendering into the Nuke interface. Aton will give you Arnold’s IPR display right in Nuke using MtoA. The AOV’s also come in as Nuke channels.Whats more is that Aton is free and open source. The latest version added Live Camera support. Enabling the Live Camera checkbox, Aton will create an interactive camera node in Nuke. This will update during IPR and frame change.